Tenner from ShopLC makes me insane! Plus, Tiffany Lighting is no more according to host Lynne today. ShopLc wants me to help the team build an even larger fan base. Even the ring he claimed was his celebration ring when he first got to Shop LC they had been selling for months and on their UK sister channel. Oh, and you can get 5% discounts at various retailers. I just mainly look at jewelry. To do that, it needs new, more relevant and engaging products, not the same-old, same-old that it has shown recently. Clearly with the name change the company is trying to redefine what the name stands for, but it didnt do such a good job the last time, or with its other names before. Your email address will not be published. Actually I think both Kathy and Rebecca will be on the shows whenever they have MacKenzie-Childs. Re: Karen Connelly. We'll have to see if she goes back to just being the One World OAP. That being said, SHQ's host merry-go-round is fascinating, since they're in a pattern now of hiring people who need little training since they've hosted elsewhere (Nikki, for example), are former hosts who are being rehired (and in some cases, such as Wendi Russo, wind up being re-fired), and OAPs. I agree. I see it with Jess Manuel (sp?) She is so full of herself. Checked in recently at the start if a 3 minute presentation on a $60item that is flying out the doors, dont miss this valuethey had the counter on screen. When they cut back jewelry hours on Black Friday and at Christmas in general the writing was on the wall. Hes a class act. Your email address will not be published. ShopHQ | Shop Bulldog TV | ShopHQ Health | 123tv | iMDS, Terms of Use | Privacy | Accessibility | Closed Caption. Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own. Once at home, the ShopNBC/Evine host took the price tags off the new clothes and attached them to old clothing that she already owned. Their shipping prices are up there also. Hmmm ok. Shes probably very nice. I really missed her at JTV and havent watched them much since. As a night owl and insomniac I started watching Shop LC when ShopHQ had overnights full of watches or The Dubrows. Laura Davies (sp?) Reality check and Chuck being exposed for what he is just a good salesman. However the majority of my rings were purchased from JTV and the quality was always good for the pieces I kept. Thanks Linda! I picked up a gorgeous 3-stone prasiolite ring in sterling for $9! Stay safe, everyone. She worked for a good while for another channel, maybe Shop At Home? On deck for a November launch is a mens shopping channel called Bulldog Shopping Network. Maybe that was the beginning of this new behavior. He seemed really happy. Some days it is crap, and some days I could buy every single thing I see. Gazette Member. Sounds more like the stuff of a Stalinist people's republic. Sick of the Doctors on there too! But problems persist, Mackay: Sunlight, exercise, friendship among prescriptions to get ahead in life, How 'fractional work' is becoming the gig economy's next thing, Controversial Crow Wing Power mine project inches forward, Raising backyard chickens requires money, time and pluck. (the slightly disheveled fellow) tried to explain the types of gold, using a weird drawing, math, and heaven knows what. This is a big change. Terri is a former HSN host and so is her husband, Tom Wise. I have been shopping there for over 2 yrs and own many beautiful pieces from them! I always enjoyed shopping with her, she was very knowledgeable about the products she sold and a lot of fun to watch. But it was all smoke and mirrors. New Jersey. I also ordered waterless car wash/wax, another great product and am waiting for my Alexandrite ring to be delivered. I snapped a pic and put it in the file for the next fashion poll. I am sick of watching all of the contrived, phony hosts on the other shopping channels and I happen to do a LOT of TV shopping, have been for years. I knew Chuck was affiliated with LC but a few months ago I heard him say his son-I dont know which one-was moving from Texas back to NJ so maybe he had two sons working for LC because Blakely is still there. He had items named after family members, like the Kathy ring, and the earrings named after his daughter. . On Fridays, they have $9.99 day. Looks like the powers that be thinks she needs another long time host to sing her praises so that people wont miss Laura too much. Judy I'm so excited to be making my ShopLc debut this Saturday @4pm central. Their website isnt very user friendly, but Ive picked up a few bargains. $ 99.99 /mo. The hosts are terrible. But its understandable why hes leaving. After all, if you're supposed to be marketing to men, why were you showing women's jewelry and fashion? This thing is AMAZING!! Its a more intuitive name. Cheryl is a certified gem expert ok? Her videos and judgmental posts are quite the opposite of what she led us to believe she was like on HSN. Erin Newburg just announced she's leaving ShopHQ to "see what the next chapter holds" for her. Conscious Consumerism: As Black Friday Wilts, Green Friday Sprouts, How Chicken Thighs Stole The Show In Creative Commerce At The Cannes Lions. She's not working for ShopHQ anymore. Skip was a jerk on air. Thanks for the update. I enjoy watching the MacKenzie Childsshows, maybe because they are happy. Most items too expensive for me, but I understand some folks love them. Your link has been automatically embedded. Chuck is fun to watch as ever, and his personality is great with Katie, who is his co host most of the time. If you like her be sure and check out the LC channel. He was pretty underutilized anyway, mainly staying with their Bulldog channel and getting occasional forays onto the main. Then they came on at 10 PM till about 2 or 3 AM. HQ is going under, little by little. This is career suicide. There really is a lot to snark about with them, especially some of the hosts, more even than HSN perhaps. She was arrested at her Tallahassee apartment Thursday evening. Good for Kathy! Laura was boring and stuck up. However, thinking back, not many of their hosts were classy, so many screamed and laughed all the time at nothing. Blake was also hawking all manner of goods, besides jewelry. {"BannerType":"default","LinkUrl":"https://www.shophq.com/c/fashion/handbags/?icid=GH-_-F-_-HandbagFlash-_-050123","ImageUrl":"https://www.shophq.com/images/store1/Creative2023_J/Com/Homepage/0501/GH/GH.png","WidthRatio":20,"Headline":"","Copy":"","TextColor":"","BackgoundColor":"#ec2087","BackgoundColorFrom":"","BackgoundColorTo":"","BackgoundImageUrl":"","BackgroundWidthRatio":-1,"Description":"Can You Handle It 1 Day Only Handbag Flash Sale"}. Paris00. (He said that). It seems these temperatures should be here late June or early July. Yes, it was. I am sure most viewers would prefer some jewelry shows to the endless watch shows. Both ShopHQ and iMedia Brands are headquartered in Eden Prairie, Minnesota. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. Ive been out of the loop lately, working 3rd shift. I feel bad for Laura Duffeks departure from Shophq. Scanlon has been charged with. Also, we see very little of Blake now on that channel. His jewelry is hit and miss for me, usually hit, but the last year or so there was nothing that thrilled. Never much of a QVC fan, I enjoyed older HSN and ShopNBC/ShopHQ/Evine/ShopHQ. Although Brian Johnson is still on the hosts page, he isn't in the program guide, which is usually a sign a host is finished at the channel. WITH ALL KINDOF BENEFITS, OK--I just received an invitation frfom them inviting me to BECOME A VIP CUSTOMER! Re: Host Leaving SHQ. Who lives in a under the sea? Im not impressed with the not-Jorge guy presenting Waterford right now. She needs to move on to the big leagues with HSN/QVC just like Ali Carr, Allison Wagner, Sarah Anderson & one more whos name eludes me but shes now a Jambu vendor on HSN. Maybe the increased business at LC will encourage them to expand their broadcast. Despite the name change and its ShopHQ promise, it is offering less not more. Their web page is scruffy, and from what I heard, their on air presentations are really low brown. Gwen, I completely agree about Rachel Huber. But there came a time when I realized I had enough and needed to step away from the home shopping world. I have had much better luck with the stainless! OMG! what happened to skip connelly on shophq. His accent is bullshit. According to authorities, Kline's theft 'scheme' involved her buying expensive clothes from the Southdale Macy's. Michael, do you know what youre getting into? Even the UPS driver complained.' I will need to check this out. Six essential household appliances now cost more 450 a year to run as prices surge by 58% since the Russian freight train derails and bursts into flames after tracks are hit by explosive device 37 miles from Police fraud investigation into SNP 'probing whereabouts of 400,000 bequeathed in people's wills'. Between November 11 and November 30, she returned what she claimed to be the same items at the Mall of America Macy's, adding up to $5,501.36. Although I also recall some of the hand sanitizer they were selling wasn't the real deal. No more Waterford HQ. He is encouraging everyone to watch him on a computer and said he does that too. I ruined a couple of things by wearing them in the shower. Thats the kind of BS that that makes me want to never spend money with their shopping channel. Save your money and support your local coin shops(LCS) . I love the rapport he has with Erin, but we thought Skip would have been a great host to pair with Shaq as well. Kline was crowned Mrs. Minnesota in 1989. Erin is naturally funny and down to earth. I really enjoyed Charla! Local channels, ESPN. Laura Duffek returns to ShopHQ having built a well-deserved reputation for being an informative and entertaining host whose ability to romance products makes customers fall in love too. Thanks Beth! @DottieBlueYes. This entry was posted on May 28, 2020 at 2:08 am and is filed under Uncategorized. Lately has has been selling cheap housewares, vinyl handbags and houseboats, while in the hours before and after him they have a Brazilian guy who is a real gemologist selling high end gemstones and jewelry. The jurors were not fooled by attempts to blame Macys and their liberal return policy for her criminal conduct.'. Peterman has been trying to steer a turnaround at the company previously known as Evine since last May, when he and a new executive team and investor group led by the Invicta Watch Group took over. When Covid struck it was the first place I could find masks and hand sanitizer. A lot of familiar faces even some of the models are gone. Amy, big lol!! LOVE Nikki too. As for JTV,their stones kept falling out,even before wearing.Poor quality in many places,but I really enjoy Shoplc,just because they are light hearted and cheerful,which means a lot now days. It also allows us to market to it. Shophq is declining faster than I can keep track of. The Dubrows have ruined SHOPHQ for me. One of the weird things about ShopLC is that you can work there for 2 years and not make it on the hosts page. Dont know how hes going to get a bigger audience, LC isnt even on the air here in Phoenix, that channel also seems more low brow than Shophq. It took me a while to figure out Chuck too. I'm not sure of the name. Restore formatting, she was a host with her husband Skip on the old CVN and then I think went to Shop HQ. While most of America was preparing to watch the 2018 Golden Globes, shopping channel host Karen Connelly was peddling $9.99 jewelry on TV. Home-Shopping-Host Revolving Door Continues: Heather Hall Exits ShopHQ OK, we'll be the first to admit it: We can't keep up with the turnaround of home shopping hosts. That is not the case when it comes to places to shop that are entertaining too. Judy and Paul need to just go awayyyyyyyyy. Former Mrs America and ShopNBC host facing five years in prison after stealing $5,500 from Macy's in a price-tag switch scheme Jennifer Kline, 51, of Wyzata, Minnesota was convicted of felony. It went belly up after a short while and most of the hosts went back to Shop but not Karen. She was also on SHOPNBC for awhle with Charla another team to have fun with and then she kinda disappeared. I was not a fan of Laura or Skip. Hope it works out, but if it doesnt, Im sure SHOPLC would welcome her back! What else did they have left that was appealing? Looking at the Hosts page I realized that she was the missing host. I wish Chuck, Michael, Paul and all the hosts who are no longer there well and offer them thanks for the happiness they gave me. On a different post, about HSN and QVC, people are talking about ex HSN host Rachel Huber thumping the Bible and judging people. So sorry she left ShopLC for ShopHQ! Meanwhile there were posts from customers about how they could get rings fixed where stones have fallen out, some even before they were worn. They couldn'tgive the an e-mail or a text? It depends on where in the UK you are. With ShopHQ, you instantly know what it is.. (Photo by Timothy Hiatt/Getty Images for Evine). Update on Michael Valitutti and Paul Deasy-Michael did a facebook video from his back yard. Did his job well even though he knew this is all a big joke. Chuck was such a fixture at HQ. Yeah thats all you see on there Hand Sanitizers! I saw Kate and Mallory on LC too. 31 reviews for Shop HQ, 1.6 stars: 'Had to return defected item. ShopHQ may be descriptive of what the company aspires to be, but it is also a lie. It seems like every single time I turn on that channel, they are hawking some overpriced supplement or some type of junk. She doesn't seem like Skip's type; never could figure that out. Im a little leery of shopping there; Ive heard their customer service is nightmarish. And, her face looks different because of Botox and mostly fillers. I havent purchased much from any of the home shopping networks for about 5 years. Some of the vendors are irritating, too, but Id much rather watch them. In 2016, Macy's changed their long-held, customer-friendly return policy from open-ended to a strict one-year window, Consumer World reported. No more jewelry? Skip Connelly is on Facebook. I wanted to save shipping and taxes. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed. They arent playing the music as loud as they usually do, tho, if at all but I do not have the patience or desire to watch this kind of show. I wonder if the other older hosts are worried if they will be next. There are no longer 14 hosts at ShopHQ. I think shes losing it or has lost it. Plus Taxes for 2 years. They have supplied his jewelry line for many years . Look at logo on his jewelry: STS. And I love all their hosts! Is Chuck already gone? These are scary, trying times. No doubt, this is driven by Invictas Eyal Lalo, whose company is heavy on macho-styled watches, and a desire to tap some of the new male shopping energy that Dollar Shave Club and Harrys have found. Im hoping we get it in my area, soon, too. And it's stunning how much of their programming is devoted to products trademarked by the Invicta people, and that includes the Dubrows' stuff and Medic Therapeutics. Saw a number of customers comments from ShopHQ customers pissed off about having problems getting their money back,issues with connecting with someone to handle other issues with this also. We had read and heard various reports about whether or not jewelry vendor Michael Valitutti was going to remain on the home shopping channel, what was going to happen to his Gems en Vogue line, etc. They constantly buffer and lose sound. Just saw Terri Toner on HSN with some zipper gizmo. I believe shopLC is based in Texas. go to shoplc.com and watch live TV. On Nikkis Facebook page, she has left LC! No, that would be Terry Dubrow and his ugly wife. When a bunch of hosts defected from ShopNBC years ago, she was one who left to work for the new channel. Now the third and final of the Three Amigos is gone from ShopHQ. I guess fading into obscurity doesnt set well with her. QVC's Privacy Statement does not apply to these third-party web sites. iMedia had suspended its 401(k) matching program earlier this year. Workers' health coverage ended March 31, according to the letter. Get sneak previews of special offers & upcoming events delivered to your inbox. Like you, Jerri, I cannot get Shop LC in my area. Today I still buy a few jewelry items from them, but I don't pay any attention to their other products -- pandemic health merchandise, Invicta watches, fashions, or other things. She made the video after she left TSC or otherwise theyd have never hired her. The company said in a state regulatory filing that the layoffs on March 24 and 25 included 108 Minnesota workers and was "due to significant and recent unforeseeable business circumstances, including the substantial market and financial impact of the global spread of COVID-19.". He has an acting and voiceover background, as well as in hosting home improvement shows, and has also been an OAP on SHQ in the past, as well as TSC in Canada. and the former host Erin, on Saturday mornings who was great as an OAP before. loss as she is far too good for this third rate shopping channel. And, may I add judgmental and botoxed and fillered is she I used to love to watch shows, now my viewing is down to almost 0. I hope she is back I will watch her. With Rachels numerous job changes, judgmental religious posts, and several weird videos, I think she has cracked at least a bit. I really liked her. There was Libby Floyd, Allison Waggoner, Sarah Andersen, who is now one of the best on HSN, Shawn Wilsie who has been on ShopLC for a few years, and Kimberly Wells. Dimitri James (Skinn Cosmetics) and the Beekman guys left just in time. Other terminations included those who worked directly on TV programming as well as buyers and those in merchandising, sales and finance. There is one scary host Michelle.

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